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Commercial fencing


At Rayleigh Fencing, we specialise in delivering high-quality supply and installation services for a wide range of commercial fencing and gate solutions.


When it comes to safeguarding your business, you can rely on us to provide the perfect protection with top-quality fences and gates. 


Our expertise spans a large range of security fencing, including hoarding, metal palisade, mesh systems, metal railings, knee rail fences and gates.


Discover how we can strengthen the perimeter security of your commercial space, ensuring access control, safety and protection remain paramount for your business.


Rayleigh Fencing offers a diverse range of commercial and industrial fencing systems, including: hoarding fencing, metal palisade and mesh system fencing, metal railings and knee rail fencing.

Our expertise in these various styles, as well as our fully trained installation service, means we are perfectly placed to cater to your specific commercial fencing needs.

Hoarding Security Fencing

Hoarding fencing is a high security fencing providing a sturdy barrier. It is primarily used to reinforce construction sites, industrial properties and commercial areas, guaranteeing privacy as well as boundary security. 


Hoarding fencing deters unauthorised access, maintains privacy and enhances safety. It can also be used for company branding. 


Rayleigh Fencing can supply top-quality hoarding fencing solutions, made to your exact requirements, that will exceed all your security and privacy expectations.

hoarding fencing
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Metal Palisade Security Fencing

Metal palisade fencing is a robust security option with vertical steel or aluminum pales and pointed tops. 


Climb-resistant, it is excellent at deterring intruders and remains robust, even in tough weather conditions, making it an ideal industrial fencing option. 


Metal palisade fencing combines visibility with excellent security. It is widely used in the education sector to boost school security, as well as among sports facilities to demarcate boundaries.  


Rayleigh Fencing’s highest quality metal palisade fencing brings complete peace of mind to operators or owners of commercial or industrial locations.

Mesh System Security Fencing

Mesh fencing is made of interconnected wire mesh panels. It provides robust security for all premises with visibility, as well as a range of customisation options. 


Unlike chain link fencing, which is easily broached, mesh fencing offers greater perimeter security: it provides a more robust deterrent to would-be intruders. 


The professional installation team at Rayleigh Fencing can secure your commercial or industrial site with a specifically designed mesh system fence.

metal mesh fencing
Security fencing

Metal Railing Security Fencing

Metal railing fencing combines durability and safety with contemporary aesthetics. 


Well known in the fencing industry for its various designs and low maintenance, it is the perfect installation for many of our commercial clients, a secure fencing option that maximises safety.  


Whether you opt for metal railing fencing systems or another style, combine them with our range of gates to maximise your access control. 


Rayleigh Fencing’s installation teams get the job done.

Knee Rail Fencing

Knee rail fencing is also known as birdsmouth fencing. 


This is one of the most practical fencing options as it is ideal for boundary definition, such as car parks, as well as pedestrian control and landscaping. 


Rayleigh Fencing is your expert choice for knee rail fencing solutions.

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Is Your Commercial Fencing Near Me?

Rayleigh Fencing is a dedicated family-run business based in Essex. We design, supply and install high quality wood and metal fencing and gates. 


We are here to serve the diverse needs of our residential, agricultural and commercial customers throughout the county and beyond.


Whether you want to enhance the perimeter security of sports fields with mesh fencing, or ensure privacy for your commercial premises with hoarding fencing and gates, our high quality fencing installations will meet your every need.

Trusted And Reliable Fencing Contractors

With over 12 years’ experience, our skilled team of fencing contractors are masters in residential, agricultural and commercial installations. 


Our successful track record proves we are committed to consistently exceeding all our customers’ expectations when it comes to each and every commercial or industrial fencing solution.


Choose Rayleigh Fencing: for exceptional results every time.


Are you ready to collaborate with a top-notch local company that excels in commercial fencing installation and provides exceptional customer service? Terrific!


Whether you have a specific commercial fencing project in mind, need a site visit or seek expert advice on gates and secure fencing solutions, we're eager to assist you. 


Contact us today, and we'll promptly provide you with a complimentary quotation and cost estimate. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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