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The specialist professionals at Rayleigh Fencing supply and install a wide range of agricultural fencing and gate solutions.


Whether you want to secure your fields or estate, or protect your livestock, we have you covered with a variety of options. 


Our fencing supplies will strengthen and enhance your agricultural estate, ensuring the safety of your property and the well-being of your animals.

Agricultural Fencing For Every Situation

Rayleigh Fencing offers a diverse range of agricultural fencing solutions, including: square post and rail fences, half round post and rail fences, rigid mesh wire fencing, field gates, horse-safe chain mesh, and estate fencing and gates.


All our fencing supplies are made from a wide selection of quality materials, all catering to your specific agricultural fencing needs.


Square Post And Rail Fencing

The first form of post and rail fencing is a robust, classic fence that is ideally suited for agricultural settings. It combines vertical wooden posts with horizontal rails. 


Simple to maintain, thanks to the quality wooden materials, and easy to deploy, it is the perfect blend of function and aesthetics for agricultural fencing. 


Our expert team can install this timber fencing system that will cater to all your agricultural needs.

Half Round Post And Rail Fencing

Most often deployed in agricultural settings, this second style of timber fence features semi-circular wooden rails attached to rounded posts. 


This rustic and robust stock fencing has the security of wire fencing with a more natural, attractive appearance. 


It is another ideal choice for containing and protecting animals such as horses or cows, and defining property boundaries. 


Rayleigh Fencing provides expert installation of this stock fencing style for your agricultural needs.

Ridge Mesh System Fencing

This is a versatile stock fencing solution that is very popular, thanks to its strength and adaptability. 


Its robust wire mesh structure and sturdy metal posts provide excellent containment, making it a suitable fence for agricultural and industrial settings, as well as other applications. 


The durability and reliability of the wire used in the rigid mesh system makes it a secure and long-lasting stock fencing option. 


Our team specialises in the supply and installation of this fencing system.


Field Gates And Horse-safe Chain Mesh Fencing

This combination is an essential element of agricultural settings. Field gates provide robust and secure entrances and exits, ensuring smooth access for vehicles and livestock. 


Our horse-safe chain mesh (similar to wire netting) is a secure form of equestrian fencing, is suitable for other animals and requires minimal maintenance. 


Horse-safe chain mesh can be installed in the same way as stock fencing, with intermediate posts spaced several metres apart. If required, a line wire or high tensile wire can be installed above the wire netting for increased livestock protection. 


This agricultural gate and fence system is far kinder to horses and other animals than barbed wire, boosting your operations’ security and ensuring its smooth operation. 


Rayleigh Fencing offers expert installation of field gates and horse-safe chain mesh fencing, ensuring the protection of all your animal and mechanical stock.


Estate fencing and gates

Designed for larger properties and estates and prestigious landscapes, rather than livestock fencing, these systems often incorporate ornate metalwork (in some cases eliminating the use of galvanised barbed wire fencing). 


These fencing systems offer an elegant, distinguished appearance, enhancing an estate’s grandeur, while at the same time providing the same effective security and protection as other agricultural fences. 


Our team specialises in the supply and installation of estate fencing and gates, providing an exquisite and protective enclosure for your estate or prestigious landscape.

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Are There Agricultural Fencing Contractors Near Me?

Rayleigh Fencing is a dedicated, family-run business based in Essex. We are at your service, catering to the unique requirements of clients across the county and beyond.


With more than 12 years’ experience, our skilled staff specialise in expertly installing agricultural fencing supplies, and all at competitive prices.


To talk to us about your agricultural fencing needs, call 07951 937261, or email or fill in this contact form, and we will get back to you straight away.

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